Turkey Hunting Mistake #2: Sneezing & Wheezing

Make no mistake, turkeys are some of the smartest opponents you will ever meet!  They may not have much gray matter, but they use every cell that they have.

How many of us can say that?


These Gobblers are Strutting Their Stuff to Attract Females!


When You Just Have to Sneeze or Cough

It has happened to each of us — you simply have to sneeze or cough.  Generally, it is a behavior that spooks turkeys.  However, the purpose of this blog  it to help you with alternate solutions.

If you are in or near woods, be sure to carry your deer grunt tube.  Right after sneezing or coughing, use your grunt caller to cover the sound.  Turkeys are used to hearing deer in the woods.

If you are not in an area where deer might hide or stay, then use your turkey caller to cover the sound.  A cluck or two may persuade a turkey that it is just another turkey making noise.

The gist of this problem is that you must never leave a human sound out there — always follow it with an animal sound.

Turkeys are skittish animals by nature, so it is important to assure them that the noise is a natural part of the area.  There are a variety of squeaks and squawks in nature, use them to cover your sound.


‘Proud Crowd’ used by permission of Restyler’s Choice Graphics


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