The 3rd Mistake Turkey Hunters Make

This is an ongoing series on mistakes turkey hunters make — and how to correct them.  Today’s is a problem we have all faced at one time or another….

The turkey has one of the smallest ‘killing zones’ — specifically the brain, head and neck. A turkey’s brain is the size of a walnut! Have you checked your shotgun's scatter pattern yet?


When a Turkey Catches You in a Bad Position

The first inkling that you have that a turkey is close, is his gobble-gobble-gobble.  Suddenly, your realize you are about 40 yards from a big tom.

When this close, only give soft purrs. *  Rub your shirt against a tree, to copy the sound of a hen brushing against a tree as she is feeding.

Scratch the leaves and ground lightly — to sound like a hen scratching for food.

When the Turkey is Gobbling from his Roost

In this situation, you will want the gobbler to come to you from his roost.  Never shoot a turkey out of his roost.  The entire herd will immediately vacate the area. They may move miles away.

You can know where the roost is, just don’t shoot into it.  Your goal is to get the gobbler out of his roost and on the ground.

This is the time to call aggressively, using the cluck. ** Effective use of the cluck will hopefully bring the tom flying down from his roost, looking for that waiting hen.

Let the Turkey Tom Be Your Guide

If the tom is close and only calling a little, you do the same.  Purr softly, scratch the ground, rub against a tree.

If he doesn’t respond in 15 to 20 minutes, try more aggressive behavior.  Get some serious clucking going.  You want him to think he’s the only one NOT at the party!

Hopefully, curiosity will overcome his natural skittishness, so you can get a shot!


* Listen to the purr audio on this page, so you can perfect yours!

** Practice the cluck sound (first one in the list), so you can assure the gobbler that you are a hen waiting just for him.


Next time: Another Mistake Hunters Make While  Trying to Snag a Turkey!


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