Another Mistake Turkey Hunters Make

I’m about 1/2 way through the ways hunters make mistakes when hunting turkey.  This is an ongoing series of suggestions for modified hunter behavior – so you can snag a spring turkey.

Turkeys are quick to jump and run, so it is up to hunters to disguise their actions, so gobblers aren’t spooked.


Only those Gobblers that learn to recognize human movement live to see another day!

Errors Hunters Make in Walking

Walking is so much a part of us that we don’t think about it.  However, gobblers are listening very carefully.

If you take some time to watch turkeys move about (during this period before turkey season), you will learn to avoid the mistakes of many hunters.

Learning to Walk Like a Turkey

Turkeys spend much of their time searching for food.  They don’t march from Point A to Point B with a purposeful step, but take their time, scratching for food.

Remember, if you don’t sound like a turkey, you can only sound like a human.  And humans are trouble.

Thus, when you are walking, you must make turkey noises, not human noises. Turkeys move erratically.  When you are walking, it is important to vary the number of steps and the speed of your walking.

Take two steps, wait, take a step, wait, take 4 steps, wait, etc.  Cluck and purr softly while moving.  Scratch the leaves with your foot occasionally.

Watch Turkeys Scratch in Pre-Season

It’s valuable exercise to watch turkeys scratch while they are moving.  There is usually a cadence (rhythm) to their scratching.  Often it sounds like:  scratch; scratch-scratch; scratch.

You may also see contented hens scratching the earth, looking for food.  They usually make soft clucking and purring noises as they feed.

Vary Your Walking Patterns According to Terrain

If you are walking through a pine tree area, turkeys move more quickly than in a field of acorns and oak trees.

Around acorns, turkeys move slowly because they are looking for food, scratching for insects, etc.

Copy their behaviors for a more successful turkey hunt!


‘1000 Minnesota Turkeys’ used by permission of Vantage Point Graphics


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