Oops! That Turkey Sees Me!

This is an ongoing series of suggestions for modified hunter behavior – so you can snag a spring turkey.  If you spook a gobbler, your chances of hauling him home drop through the floor!

Being Spotted in the Woods

If you are moving through the woods and a turkey spots you, I’ve only found one successful way to react — stand like a statue or a stump.  Sometimes, my stony stance and indifferent air will convince him I’m harmless.


If You are Caught "With Your Pants Down" while Hunting, How can You Turn this Disaster into a Successful Hunt?

Being Spotted in an Open Area

Since there’s nothing to hide behind, dropping to the ground and blending in with the dust is your best chance.

However, I have a friend who always turkey hunts with a few collapsible Feather Flex decoys.  He drags them out of his pack while he’s face-down on the ground.

Slowly, but surely, he slowly moves the hen to a place in front of his face.  As he’s putting the hen up in position, he starts to softly purr and cluck.

He also moves the hen’s head in position to be pecking.  Gradually, he increases the speed of his clucking so the turkey hen sounds excited with what she’s found on the ground.

According to my friend:  More than 75% of the gobblers will watch, instead of bolt immediately.  As he gets caught up in the “hen’s behavior,”  the gobbler tends to forget the human he just saw.  He comes closer to investigate!

If the gobbler sees you in the open field and you don’t have a decoy, the only recourse is to lie flat and hope!

A Trick that Doesn’t Work for Me

Personally, I don’t have much luck with this trick — but others swear by it.

By lying flat and staying motionless, others promise that most  gobblers will be so curious that they will move closer for a look.  Then you can get a  shot!

This just might be one of those things where you have to believe!


Before buying a bunch of hen decoys, make sure they are legal in your state!


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