The Problem with a Turkey Hunter’s Clothing, Part 3

Does It Matter?

This is the real issue!  Will having UV brighteners in your hunting clothes really make that much difference?

Unless you are hunting at dusk or dawn, it’s not a big issue.

I’ve run an informal test on the issue over the past years and have decided the following:  It matters if you think it does!

Hunters who don’t worry with uv brighteners in their clothing seem to bag as many hunters as those who carefully protect their clothing from the brighteners.

Be Careful; These Birds Are a Whole Lot Smarter Than They Look!


Where It Might Matter


However, where you hunt could be a factor:  There might be a difference between hunting on public lands versus hunting on private leases.  I haven’t researched this.

What I mean is that hunters on private land may have less competition for turkeys.  Thus, the turkeys see fewer hunters — with or without UV brightener-infested clothing.

And turkeys certainly learn from their interactions with hunters.   The more hunters there are, the faster turkeys have to respond to stay out of the crosshairs of the hunter’s gun.

So, hunters on public lands may need to be more careful about the issue of UV brightened hunting clothes than others.  The more hunting pressure in a place, the more each factor counts.

Other Facts about Turkeys & Deer

Deer and turkeys see colors differently than most other animals. They seem to be red & green color-blind. That’s why you can wear blaze orange hunting wear without worrying about being seen by deer or turkeys — green, red and orange are non-colors to them.

Other Considerations for Your Hunting Pleasure

Biologists say that having patterned clothing (camo wear) that blends in with the landscape is more important than its color. The scientists warn hunters about wearing large patches of unbroken color.

Specifically, don’t wear two specific materials: vinyl and plastic. Why? Because they reflect light. It is not the color of these two materials that’s important, but the fact that light reflects so readily from them.


‘Threesome’ used by permission of Restyler’s Choice Rear Window Graphics


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