Mistakes Turkey Hunters Make # 7

When You Can’t Take a Shot

One of the most frustrating mistakes turkey hunters make is not taking a shot at a bird.  It has happened to all of us:  For whatever reason, the turkey or you are not in a good place for a shot.

The gobbler may step behind a tree — just as you take aim.  Or you weren’t expecting the turkey to step from behind a very close bush.

Do You Know Where Gobblers Go to Strut-Their-Stuff?

Why Pre-Season is So Important

If you were scouting around for gobblers before the season started, you are more likely to have a feel for where a gobbler travels during a typical day.

You likely know were the gobblers roost and the area they use for strutting.  By spending time watching your quarry, you have a better chance of anticipating their behavior.

Trying a Second Time

If you have not spooked the turkey, you may have a  second chance.   Let the bird pass you by and let him get out of sight.

If you have done your pre-season work, you have a good idea where the males like to spend their time.  Circle around the bird.

Finessing Your Way to a Shot

Remember how I mentioned in an earlier post that you need to sound like a turkey hen when you are moving about?

They don’t march from Point A to Point B with a purposeful step, but take their time, scratching for food.

Remember, if you don’t sound like a turkey, you can only sound like a human.

Thus, when you are walking, you must make turkey noises, not human noises. Turkeys move erratically. When you are walking, it is important to vary the number of steps and the speed of your walking.

Take two steps, wait, take a step, wait, take 4 steps, wait, etc. Cluck and purr softly while moving. Scratch the leaves with your foot occasionally.

Now Put Your Pedal to the Metal

Be cautious and make a large circle around your quarry.  Get into a good position and start calling.

If your gobbler came towards you earlier with your calling action, use the same calling pattern.

However, if he’s not responding to those calls now, it is time to try a different call.

Here’s a great site for listening to turkey calls:  The National Wild Turkey Federation.  They offer 11 different calls (for your listening pleasure)!


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