Mistake # 8 That Turkey Hunters Make

Spooking a Gobbler

Well you’ve done it now!  You have spooked the tom you were calling.

What do you do?

If you hear a responding call or leaf rustling behind you; this is no time to turn around! Turkeys are watching for movement. If you stay frozen in place until you have a chance at a shot, you have a small chance of getting the gobbler. Remember: You are part of the scenery – until you shoot.



The sound of a spooked tom is the same as an excited one — beating his wings, fast clucking * and racing around in the leaves.

If you spook a gobbler, cackle at him and call excitedly.  Even if you flush your gobbler, cut and cackle to him.  Continue your excited sounds.

Well, How Does THAT Help?

Even if your intended gobbler abandons you by flying off, other gobblers in the area may misinterpret what is going on with you two.

With the excited calling, they may think the gobbler is flying towards the sounds, not away.

Your goal it to mask the scared sounds with excited sounds so the other gobblers in the area will come toward you and your hiding place!


* “fast clucking” – This underlined phrase will take you to the National Wild Turkey Federation’s website where you can hear and practice various wild turkey calls.


‘On the Move’ used by permission of Restyler’s Choice Graphics


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