Mistake # 9 That Turkey Hunters Make

Calling Gobblers Too Much

We don’t really realize that we are over calling until  a tom comes within 55 or 60 yards and refuses to come closer.  How can you salvage the situation?

The two times turkeys “gobble-gobble” most are – during spring mating season and when the hens start their nesting. Most of the breeding is finished by the time the hens start nesting; but big gobblers become more aggressive and try to find the remaining receptive females. Gobbling starts as soon as daylight starts to appear, while turkeys are still in their roosts. Once the gobblers hit the ground, they start calling hens in earnest. This calling continues until the warmest hours of the day. Biologists believe that the midmorning hours are when most mating occurs. Weeks before this takes place, hens start looking for a nesting place (usually on the ground). They prepare the spot and start to roost nearby. It takes the hens 10 to 15 days to lay the clutch (group) of eggs. She feeds before and after laying. If, while she is feeding, the nest is attacked and destroyed, she will breed again while creating a nest in another place. It takes about 26 to 28 days for the poults to emerge.

Something to Try

If the tom can’t see you: Wait until he makes a move so you change your hiding spot and use a different caller.

His reluctance to come closer indicates that you have done something that has put him on alert.  If you were using a slate caller, change to a diaphragm or box caller.

If you can’t move: Wait until the tom walks away.  Now, make a very large circle and try to get in front of the gobbler again.  Try a different caller.



‘Turkey Dream’ used by permission of Restyler’s Choice Graphics


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