Mistake # 10 That Turkey Hunters Make

When Ya Gotta Itch or Swat at Flies

There’s nothing worse than needing to scratch or swat at flies.

Gobblers are Always on the Lookout for Movement!


In earlier posts, I’ve mentioned that turkeys are looking for movement.  Biologists have proven that turkeys are not startled by bright colors — ONLY COLORS THAT MOVE!

They’ve placed bright objects in front of these big birds. In one test, they put bright orange hats on turkey decoys. Turkeys strolled among them with no concern — unless the orange hats moved!

Biologists theorize that bright colors abound in a turkey’s world. Turkeys are used to random brights and darks in their habitat. They are only troubled by movement — not the colors.

What do You do When You Need to Move?

There comes a time when we need to scratch or chase away flies.  Since we know that toms are watching for movement, what is the best way to handle this problem?

Using your whole hand is a dead give-away.  Thus, successful hunters tell me that they only use 2 fingers to swat or itch.  There is less movement to notice.

Immediately afterwards, brush your shirt sleeve against a tree – to imitate the sound of a turkey’s wings brushing against the side of a tree (as he walks past a tree).


When you make a  sound or movement that is unusual, be sure to cover it with a sound or movement that a turkey would use.

When a turkey sees or hears something that is not right — you must allay his fears by making a turkey sound or movement.  When he cannot calm his alarm immediately, he leaves!


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