Outsmarting A Turkey Tom!

Turkeys move into open, agricultural areas to feed and return to the woods to roost!


Outsmarting a Gobbler


Many hunters enjoy the competition between themselves and the wily turkey.  By the time a tom reaches the age of 4 or 5, he’s had many encounters with hunters; and you can tell who won!

A seasoned gobbler has a variety of tricks to try on the poor hunter who thinks hunting turkey  is a quick process.  The truth is:  Shooting a young jake or 2-year-old tom is pretty easy — in comparison to out-foxing a mature tom.

After awhile, some hunters bypass the youngsters and concentrate on the challenge of the older gobbler.  What does it take?

Humility and a Turkey Education

Believe it or not, the tom has a daily routine.  If you can figure it out, the odds start to tilt your way.  (However, nothing is foolproof  — or 100% –with a turkey.)

Returning to a theme of an earlier posting, * a hunter needs to know:

where the turkey roosts,
where he travels,
why he is going there,
what he does when he gets there.

If a tom is not pressured or disturbed, he tends to his tasks on a fairly regular time-table.

A Typical Day for a Gobbler

Morning: He awakens, gobbles a bit and flies down to meet a hen. After mating, he wanders around a bit.  Then he heads toward his eating area and tries to get hens to go with him.

Noon-ish: He eats with his hens in a feeding area.  Then he starts to strut, drum, dust and breed until it gets too hot.  (Biologists say most of the mating takes place mid-morning.)

During the heat of the day, toms enter the woods and rest.  By 2 pm, the boys start heading back to the field for food; and they spend more time mating.

Afternoon/Evening: As dark skies take over, the tom flies or walks back to his roost.

How Will This Help?

When the hunter knows the turkey’s movement patterns, he/she can situate him/herself in a good place along the turkey’s path.


‘Spring Turkey’ used by permission of Restyler’s Choice Graphics


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