There’s Little You Can be Sure of While Hunting Turkey

Here are some items that may help you be more successful while hunting turkeys.  Before I get to them, however, I need to mention an important fact ….

As the mating season progresses, the gobbler's calls get more strident and insistent – as more hens leave for their nests and the incubation period (26 to 28 days).


Nothing is 100% True (All the Time) With Turkey Hunting

These wily birds stay alive by using their wits.  When you are in a life-or-death match with a turkey, my money is on the gobbler!

He’s lasted as long as he has because he learns and adapts to new situations better than humans do.  After all, his life is on the line each time he meets a hunter!

Understanding Turkey Behavior

Well, it is getting hot out in the field.  The tom is full (for now), and he wants to go back into the woods to rest.

Where do you think he will choose to enter the woods?  Look for a spot that offers a clear line-of-sight for 50 to 100 yards.

A gobbler isn’t stupid.  He will not enter the woods where there is a thick cover; and he cannot keep an eye out for those pesky 2 and 4 legged predators.

Convincing a Gobbler to Go Against His Best Interests

Folks, it isn’t going to happen.  Trying to call a gobbler to you when he’s just entered a field for feeding — is against his best interest.

It will be a waste of breath to call him. He’s hungry and he’ll stay put until he’s eaten.  It’s a better plan to call him after he’s full and looking for a new place to rest or loaf.

When a tom is surrounded by his hen harem, he’s not going to leave them to search for a single hen that is calling him.  Why should he disappoint all his girl friends to wander after some shy chick – who is probably some hunter calling him with a few “sweet nothings?”


FYI:  Be Careful Where You Step!

I found a water moccasin in my greenhouse yesterday morning — looking for a way out.  Snakes are on-the-move in Texas because of the drouth.  They are looking for water!  Be extra careful hunting in dry areas.


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