What Happens When Wolves Are Returned to an Area?

As I indicated yesterday — in How Much do You Know about Wolves? — wolves no longer roam over huge expanses of North America.

In most of America, the gray wolf is endangered.  Anger and hostility have greeted the efforts to return the wolf to some areas of America.


It is hard to imagine the size of the Gray Wolf without seeing one next to an adult male, as is in this photo.


The Other Side of the Coin

The text that came with this photo is an eye-opener!  Written by Idaho Rep Phil Hart, it leaves the reader in little doubt of his concern.

The Headline & Text

Giant Idaho Wolves Hunt, Kill In Packs Of Up To 20

“The Canadian Gray Wolf runs in packs of up to twenty wolves. For every one animal they kill to eat, these Canadian wolves kill about three more just for the fun of it.

The biologists call it ‘sport-reflex killing’ or ‘lustful killing’. The Canadian Gray Wolf is a killing machine.

These are federal wolves, as it was the federal government who introduced them into Idaho over our objections.

They told the state of Idaho that the wolves would be considered recovered when we had a total of 100 wolves in Idaho. Now we have between 800 and 2,000 wolves and the situation is out of control.

Idaho’s wolf emergency is a state issue. And in this situation, the state of Idaho has both a duty and the authority to protect its people and their property.

House Bill 343 lays out the facts, the argument and the authority to do so.” – Idaho Rep Phil Hart

What Does This Mean?

As I do not live in Idaho, nor do I own land or animals in that state, I’m ill-equipped to comment on the validity of returning wolves to Idaho.

However, the emotion that pours from the article above fascinates me.  Wolves and strong emotions have always been connected in men’s minds.

Ever since MDH,* Richard, emailed this article to me, I’ve been interested in the interplay between the biologists (who think they are correct to rebalance nature by returning a predator to an area where they once roamed freely) and the citizens of Idaho (who worry that the predators are killing for fun, not food).

Do You Live in Idaho? 

How do you see this issue?  Care to comment?


* MDH = My Deer Husband, also known as “He who likes to be obeyed” ( but rarely is).


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