A Different Spin on Fishing — Via Kayak!

As a member of LinkReferral, I have the opportunity to read about and review a variety of  websites and blogs.

Today, I found an interesting one that I’d like to mention to my readers:   Learn About Kayak Fishing,  Fishing Kayaks, Kayak Accessories & Gear

It’s pretty easy to figure out what they are all about!

A Kayaker Riding the Rapids

Why This Kayak Fishing Site? 

In a phrase, I like their style!  

My husband and I don’t watch TV  … so every once in a while, we miss a fun commercial.    If you scroll down to:  “Does Your Girlfriend Like Fishing,” you can get a laugh too. 

Site of Practical Info 

If you’ve ever thought about a kayak, but didn’t know what to ask, here’s a site with buyer’s info.  One example:  “Select your Kayak by the Places You Fish.”

A Look at Their Fave Blogs

Near the bottom, I took a look at their favorite blogs and websites.  I’ve lived in this area for 40+ years and did not know about:   Texas City Dike Fishing

I know about the Texas City Dike (having fished and launched from the site for years), but didn’t know there was a place to keep up on the things going on there.

You never know what is available on the web!


Next Time: Hold Your Nose, We’ll be Learning about Javelinas


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