How Drought Affects Your Pets … and You!

It seems as if 1/2 the country has too much rain and the other 1/2 doesn’t have enough!  We live in the part that is in a drought.

Coral Snake: Remember the jingle - 'Red & yellow kill a fellow, red & black venom lack.'

Earlier this summer, I moaned about having 145+ days without rain.  Then we got a break and the skies opened and gave us almost 2 inches of rain.

Our part of Texas should have already had about 30″ of rain so far this year, but we are hovering around 10″ of the wet stuff.  Veterinarians are warning about the consequences of so little rain.

Snakes are Biting More Pets

Rattlesnakes are the most likely biter of man and animal! You know what the rattle sound means, but your pet probably doesn't!

The next time Fido goes outside and comes back inside limping, you might want to check your pet.

Our younger pet (a Bassett-Hound) loves to snoop in our stacks of fireplace wood.  He can chase a gecko, or other lizard, for hours.

Unfortunately, the drought has brought all kinds of animals, reptiles and insects closer to homes.  Why?

They are searching for water and food.  As the rodents and insects move closer to homes, they bring snakes … and anything else that eats them as food sources.

Our Bassett came back in with a lump on his right haunch and seemed agitated.  He couldn’t find a comfortable sitting position.   He couldn’t lie still.

Sure enough, the vet confirmed that he’d been bitten by a snake.  Even with medication and a shot, it was several days before Porkchop (our Bassett) was back to his happy self!

How Can You Lessen the Chance of a Snake Bite? 

1) Remove tall grass and piles of trash in the yard.

2) Make wood piles “off-limits” for the rest of the drought. (We put portable fencing around our wood.)

3) Pay attention to your pet. A lump and strange behavior are indicators of trouble.

Next Time:  Save Yourself, or your Children, from a Bite!

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