Gun Testing

When You Are in the Market for a Gun

Trying Out a Weapon Before Purchase Isn't Always Easy!


When shoppers are in the market for a weapon, few gun stores offer opportunities to test before buying. (Actually, this is changing.  I plan a future story on a new type of gun store; we have one in League City, TX.)

Thus, folks looking for a gun can learn from a manufacturer’s glowing reports or a salesman’s opinions.  The Internet can be real asset to a gun shopper.  There are reviews and price comparisons aplenty.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always obvious who is behind these evaluations (gun manufacturers have dozens of  “review & comparison sites” — without admitting that they are providing the info).

A New Consumer’s Resource for Gun Info

There’s a new resource for shoppers — Gun Tests.

MDH* Richard brought this info to my attention today.  I’m not selling their product.  However, I’m intrigued by the 21 “revelations” they make (they name names) in a brochure.

Here Are the First Five

I thought  you might enjoy taking a look some of their evaluations.  And I quote ….

1)  “We had so many problems with the EMF .45LC Bisley revolver we’d never consider it, and when we looked at its price, it became totally out of the question.

2)  Ruger’s P94DC .40 S&W pistol is rugged and reliable, but the CZ100 does everything the Ruger could at a lower price.

3)  Selling for less than $400, the Savage M111F was more accurate than more expensive .30-06 Springfield bolt-actions from Winchester, Remington and Howa.

4)  If we wnted a Thanksgiving turkey, we might just buy the Butterball rather than invest in a bolt-action scattergun.

5)  In a test of Muzzleloaders, the .50-Cal Knight Revolution II, with its waterproof lock-up and shot-to-shot consistency, make it a good buy even at a higher price.”

More Coming Soon

I’ll list the last 16 on Monday and/or Tuesday.  Take a look and send a comment about your experience with any of these models mentioned.

Why I’m interested is because this evaluation company does not accept any advertising.   They buy the guns, test them and write what they think.

Since I’m a confirmed (and long term) Consumer’s Report subscriber, I like their attitude.


I know my writing has been spotty, at best.  I’ve been working on my taxes and business reports.  Surely, this misery will end soon!


* MDH = My Deer Husband


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