Let’s Go Turkey Hunting – Mistakes Hunters Make

Out-smarting a turkey isn’t as easy as it sounds.  You need to make fewer mistakes than your adversary.

That may not seem to be too hard, but you have different things at stake.  You may feel bad if you don’t get a turkey, but the turkey will feel badly if you do!

Here are some of the most common errors that hunters make, in no particular order.  I also make some suggestions for avoiding these mistakes.


A Turkey's Brain is the Size of a Walnut; but He Uses Every Neuron to Stay Out of Your Oven!

Mistake # 1:  Crummy Calling

Right now is the perfect time to practice your turkey calling.  Not sure of how your calls should sound?  No problem.

The Wild Turkey Federation has a website with samples of the 11 most common calls for your listening-and-learning pleasure.  Practice with the best!

You are out in the field and you have done a good job of calling turkeys.  Suddenly, you hit a sour note.  What do you do?

If you do the wrong thing, turkeys will be startled.  A spooked gobbler is a turkey that … ‘has left the building’ (along with Elvis)!

If your performance hits a bad note, keep on calling!  It is just one note in many.  However, if you stop there, gobblers will be spooked because they will notice the off-key note, since your call ended on that sour note.

Listen to hens, they don’t do a perfect job of calling.  They sometimes emit a foul (no pun intended) sound, but they continue.  Take a cue from the hens!


‘Threesome’ used by permission of Restyler’s Choice Graphics


Come back tomorrow for the next thrilling chapter!



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