Sometimes it is Best NOT to Fool With Mother Nature!

In relation to birds, fish and animals, America is a very different place from the way it was when the Pilgrims arrived.

We have learned a great deal about introducing birds, fish and animals to new habitats and new continentents.  Sometimes, the introduction has been good for America and sometimes it has caused disaster.

Accidental Travelers

Sometimes birds and animals followed humans across large land masses — and settled in new areas.  At other times, humans accidentally carried animals and/or birds across the seas.

At the time that grackles, crows and starlings came to America, we didn’t understand the consequences of  introducing new species to an area.

Intentional Introductions

In other situations, we brought creatures to America because we thought they would solve a problem or provide new hunting opportunities.

In the area of fishes, carp and brown trout were intentionally brought to American waters.

The ring-necked pheasant, axis deer, black buck antelope and fallow deer were thought to be fine additions to the American landscape.

However, time-and-time-again, we have learned that we shouldn’t fool with Mother Nature!

Tinkering with Mother Nature’s Plan

In the 1870’s, some bright fellows brought kudzu to southern America (from Japan) — to help with erosion.  It solved that problem — but created others.

Kudzu Over-Runs Local Plants & Costs Millions to Eliminate! Hemingway, SC

Now we know that kudzu over-runs 150,000 acres/year!  It is considered to be a pest vine.  Millions are spent, trying to curtail this vine’s growth.

What We Know Now

Sometimes, a new species does not adapt to a new habitat.  At other times, the new species does so well that it over-runs the native species.

Kudzu Growing Over Trees in Atlanta, GA

In other words, sometimes the plants and animals native to an area are pushed out because of the growth (and expansion) of the new species.

How You Can Help

I think that one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from the Tea Party is that grass-roots activism is not dead in America.

You and I can make a difference — particularly in wildlife decisions made on the state level.  How?

  • Keep Informed!
  • Stay Involved!
  • Follow-up!

Keep an eye on news reports and online hunting and  fishing sites.  Study the impact that pending legislation will make in your state.

Attend meetings, join hunting and fishing causes that make sense.  Find out who the ‘movers-and-shakers’ are.  Be positive and persistent!

When decision makers make decisions that benefit wildlife causes, let them know you appreciate them!


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* Kudzu photos used through the GNU Free Documentation License & Wikipedia.

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