Sunday Special: Fun in the Sun with Inflatables!

Sorry for the absence … June was a very difficult month!

Fortunately, my brother is getting the care he needs and I was able to return home.


Our Local Weather 

Where I live (near Houston, TX), we’ve had more than 145 days without rain!  Everything is parched and dying.

Fortunately, we’ve gotten a bit of rain recently and expect more.  Hope your weather has been a little more balanced than ours!


Inflatables and Towables 

‘Tis the season for getting out and enjoying the sunshine and outdoors!  We offer some of the latest designs in towables and inflatables.  Here are a few ….

Talk about unique ... Sumo & Splash Guard by SportsStuff! This is worn like a shirt - for towable action or body surfing! Connect a tow rope to the Sumo Splash Guard and you can steer the Sumo Tube back and forth, jump the wake and roll 360's!


The Zip Ski offers action in the prone and sitting positions! Fun for 1 rider (up to 170 lbs)!


This amazing, new product is the 12' Funstation Inflatable Trampoline by SportsStuff! It is stable on the water via a special sea-anchor system. No matter how much tumbling, the Funstation remains upright & stable!


Not to be outdone, AirHead has (come out with) a "Water Weenie" for 1 to 3 riders, called the Hot Dog!


Remember:  We carry some of the most unique designs available … and they are all discounted!


Tuesday:  After the 4th of July, I will be back with new articles.  Join me after a great (and safe) holiday!


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