Fresh Water Fishing vs. Salt-Water Fishing

We live near the Gulf of Mexico and our family has done more salt-water fishing than fishing in fresh water.

From a Kid’s Point of View

Of Course, These Aren't Dogfish!

As a child, I always thought dropping my hook in a lake was rather tame compared to going salt-water fishing.  The tackle was larger (for salt-water fishing) and the game fish seemed to have a lot more fight in them.

There was nothing more exciting than fighting a dogfish puffer (I’ve never seen any dog that was as ugly as this fish)!  It was an absolutely useless fish for eating, but it was a great adversary.

(I’ve been all over the net looking for a photo of this awful looking little runt, to no avail.  I don’t think they were members of the shark family.

They were rather fat, short, with pock-marked faces — just generally ugly.  Does anyone know to what I’m referring?  This must have been a local name for this fish — I can’t find a photo online.)

Charter Trips

The great thing about going on a ship fishing, was the size of the fish available 16 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico.  However,  the long rides were a drag.

My father worked for printing firms that often offered fishing trips to their employees (this was in the dark ages, just after the dinosaurs stopped roaming the earth).

After a couple of trips, during which I up-chucked my hastily eaten breakfast, I learned to eat very little, until I got used to the rolling and pitching of the boat on the water.

It took a long time to learn to enjoy the trip out to the oil derricks where we fished.  As the eldest of the 4 kids, I understood that the long rides were necessary —  to get to the redfish and snapper we were hoping to catch.

After a couple of trips, my brothers decided to bypass these “adventures” for a few more hours in bed.

Forget ‘Quality’ with Kids …’Quantity’ is King!

These fishing trips, although worth a great deal of money, were never as much fun as just driving down the Gulf Freeway to Galveston and dropping our lines off a pier.  Why?

Getting in the car to drive to the ship, to ride some more, seemed to take too long.   Kids want ACTION!

As kids, we didn’t appreciate the value of those “expensive fishing trips” because it took too long before we could do battle with fish — and (usually) lose!


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