Knife Round-Up: The Many Facets of Knives

At one time, I sold Gerber & Leatherman tools and did a series of informational articles about knives.  I was going to erase the group, however, they are read so often, I just left them up for my readers.

These articles are not about Gerber specifically, although I often use Gerber knives to illustrate the post.

Guess Who Collects Knives?

For about 5 weeks, I was carrying around a large (picture) book* of  knives – ancient and modern.  I had no idea how popular knives are!

I nearly dropped my teeth, however, when women would walk up to me and talk about their knife collections!

Maybe it’s just a Texas thing.

* The name of the book is in one or more of the articles.  I borrowed it from the Houston Public Library.


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Mosey On Over to this Month’s Highlights: Did You Miss Any?


A Day at the Office!

A Day at the Office!


Perhaps you have just joined this merry band of blog readers and haven’t checked my archives. Well, I’d like to tell you about this month’s hottest!

Most Hits This Month

Hands down, the most popular article this month was: The 10 Commandments of Knife Use and Maintenance.  It received hundreds more hits than any other offering in November!

Going to Other Sites for Amazing Photos

Lots of you are into “Amazing Stories.” This one has gotten a lot of attention:Good Grief! A 30 Point Deer! Shot with a Handmade Long Bow!’

More ‘Lead Poisoning in Venison’ Info

The second salvo in this on going ‘war of words’ emerged this month with: Remember the Lead-in-Venison Controversy? Here’s an Update!’

Stay tuned, later this week, I will report on the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) findings on this issue (that just won’t go away).

Getting Some Reaction

Finally, I’ve been able to prove that someone reads my blog besides my mother. The 4 part report on Shoot or Don’t Shoot Spikes has brought readers out of the woods (pun intended) long enough to comment.

What’s On Tap for December?

Besides the CDC report on lead poisoning in deer, I’ve just completed a 2 parter on ‘Multi-tools.’ Included are some tips on what to look for in a useful-to-you-tool.

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* MDH = My Deer Husband; also known as “He Who Likes to be Obeyed” – sadly he rarely is.


This blog is a companion to my website: