Recipe: Cooking Up a Wild Game Marinade & a Little Humor


Cooking Up a Storm!

Cooking Up a Storm!


This Marinade is from

Houston Home/Garden, November 1978

It was submitted by Virginia Elverson and she states it is good for venison, duck, goose, fresh pork or lamb roast.


1 medium onion, sliced

2 carrots, roughly chopped

1/4 cup parsley, roughly chopped

10 – 12 peppercorns, crushed

8 juniper berries, crushed*

1 branch fresh thyme or 1/4 tsp. dried thyme**

1bay leaf

1 cup wine (can substitute 1/2 c. vinegar & 1/2 c water)

1 c oil (I prefer olive, but you can use corn, peanut, vegetable)

* If you don’t have juniper berries, substitute 1/4 cup gin for 1/4 cup of the wine

** I think the 1/4 tsp of thyme is skimpy and make it 1/2 tsp.

The game can be marinated from 12 hours to several days. For a stronger herb flavor, heat all the ingredients of the marinade, except the oil, just to the boiling point; then cool slightly and add the oil.

Elverson marinates a leg of venison for 3 days in the refrigerator.


And Now, A Little Humor ……


I borrowed these jokes from a great site:

What are Friends For?

Two men went bear hunting. While one stayed in the cabin, the other went out looking for a bear. He soon found a huge bear, shot at it but only wounded it.

When the enraged bear charged toward him, he dropped his rifle and started running for the cabin as fast as he could. He ran pretty fast but the bear was just a little faster and gained on him with every step.

Just as he reached the open cabin door, he tripped and fell flat.

Too close behind to stop, the bear tripped over him and went rolling into the cabin.

The man jumped up, closed the cabin door and yelled to his friend inside, “You skin this one while I go and get another!”



She told me we couldn’t afford beer anymore and I’d have to quit.
Then one fine day I caught her spending $65 on makeup.
And I asked how come I had to give up stuff and she didn’t.
She said she needed the makeup to look pretty for me.
I told her that was what the beer was for. I don’t think she’s coming back.


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