Fascinating Facts About Flying Squirrels

The Southern Flying Squirrels

The southern flying squirrels are strictly night eaters (of berries, insects, nuts, fungi). 

You can't just eat one!

Betcha can't eat just one!


Terribly shy, they reside in tree holes in hardwood forests. They glide, rather than fly.

They range in all of the eastern US (except New England and the lower tip of Florida), as far west as Minnesota, eastern Kansas  and Texas.

Northern Fliers

Ditto for the northern flying squirrel, except that they live in Alaska, Canada, California, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and spreading to the east as far as New England and the Appalachians.

Predators of Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels have an average lifespan of about 6 years in the wild; in captivity, they last more than twice as long!

Unfortunately, a variety of predators feast on these rare squirrels (rare in comparison to the other subspecies of squirrels).  Coyotes, snakes, night owls, raccoons, and even the domestic cat prey on these small animals.



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