Is the Hunting Situation in Your State Spiraling Towards a ‘Predator Pit?’

If you’ve never heard of Tom Remington, that’s a shame.  He’s an articulate writer concentrating on the hunting scene in his home state of Maine.

Black Bear Blog

Articles for the Thinking Hunter!

Tom writes, along with his son, Steve, 4 blogs and the website,  US Hunting Today.

Today’s subject is one of their weblogs — Black Bear Blog.

Specifically, I’d like to mention Mr. Remington’s April 28, 2010 article:  Maine: Spiraling Toward A Predator Pit

I’ve taken some time to think about the ramifications of this article for other parts of the US.  It is not a pretty picture.

What Mr. Remington has to say is important to each of us – regarding animal management for hunting in our own states.

What is a  ‘Predator Pit?’

If you’ve never heard this phrase before, it is just as bad as it sounds!  Here’s the official definition, taken from the article.

“A predator pit is created when deer populations … have been reduced for various reasons and existing key predators, like coyote, bear and bobcat, can drive those numbers even further into an abyss, perhaps prohibiting a regrowth of the herd.”

Is that possible?

Maine Seems to Prove the Point

Without beating up on Maine, what can we learn about how a state turns into a “Predator Pit?”

1)  Game animal numbers decrease through “weather, hunting, disease, predation, etc.”

2)  Mis-management by those responsible,

3)  Denial that there is a problem with predatory animals,

4)  Numbers of predatory animals increases, and they increase their destruction of game animals,

5)  Eventually predatory animals decimate the breeding stock of game animals, so there are insufficient numbers of game animals to recover.

6)  The state is a predatory pit — lots of predatory animals, but few game animals left.

Is Your State in Danger?

Think about your own state.  Are you reading news about the numbers of predators increasing and destroying many game animals?

What is your Fish & Game Dept. doing about it?  Increasing the number of hunting tags? Denying there is a problem?

What can you do about it?  Are other like-minded folks in a group you can join?  Remember, he who squeaks loudest — gets oiled first!


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Take a Look at Tom Remington’s Post

On 31 August 2009, I wrote about  Montana’s Firearms Freedom Act.      Tom Remington (Black Bear Blog) has an update that ‘tells it like it is!’

Title of Posting: CNN Covers Montana’s Firearms Freedom Act

Dated: September 8, 2009




State's Rights vs. Federal Rights


Added  Benefits: He has audio and a You-Tube Video on the subject (on the site)!  Check it out!

This will be fascinating to watch!  Essentially, Montana has thrown down the gauntlet to the federal government.  The problem: The fed’s  intrusion into the lawful ownership of guns.


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